During my work at Muller van Tol, Gijs Bakker gave the assignment to design a exhibition room for 'Yii-design and crafts from Taiwan' in the Triennale di Milano.

Drawing inspiration from the overlying theme of bamboo and from the selected products, Bas van Tol and I designed an exposition space that focuses both on the larger context of Taiwanese craftsmanship and the unique qualities of the individual products.

Within the pavilion each product is situated on its own, distinct space. The constellation of surfaces offers the possibility of presenting each product independently, in the right proportion and with the right light, while still creating a link to the group as a whole. 

In this entirely spatial installation the visitor is brought into an atmosphere that enables him or her to experience the singularity of the products and the unique value of the crafts project. 

2010, MILANO

the roof of the pavilion
building up the pavilion
plan of the design in the triennale