Carry the security of your own shelter
A mobile interior for your student room. This interior contains the qualities of a tent made of sheets, which you will most likely memorize from your childhood. The environment of this tent makes students feel safe and confident when leaving the warm atmosphere of their parents’ home.

When you move to a new home you can carry the Roomcoat as a package. By attaching the frame to a wall you can situate the Roomcoat in every space. If placed in a small room the redundant pieces can easily be folded away. The Roomcoat contains 17 equal elements, which are separately inflatable. By inflating different elements you can create many different variations, including a couch and a single or double bed.

material: felt (recycled blankets), inflatable bed, steel

kamerjas = roomcoat


KamerJas at the exposition Perron 1, project 'waiting for you'

KamerJas at the exposition in Delden