Hendrik Jonkerplein

At the beginning of Bickerseiland, between the traintrack and a district, you will find the Hendrik Jonkerplein. The square is located on the waterfront. Previously, when the church and shipyards were still there, this square was the meetingpoint of the local residents. Unfortunately nowadays it seems a forgotten place. There is a road crossing the square and the street and play furniture looks unfriendly and unused. With my plan I want to make the square alive again. There will be pavilion with a double program. A part can be used as temporary residence, the other part is for public use. For the program of the pavilion there is a cooperation with the various art schools in the city. Students or recent graduates can stay here up to three months to live, work and exhibit. These different functions are separated in the pavilion. The private, also working area can be found in nine areas from 4x4x6m. By moving these volumes vertically I create different heights of the ceiling from the exhibition rooms under the ground. By placing each volume slightly different there appear many different interactions between private and public. As an example, the bathroom that will stick five and a half meters into the ground is still half a meter above the ground, which can be used as a seat element on the square. Another block that only will be two meters into the ground gives the possibility to use the space underneath and one can see from the square how the artist is workig in the studio. By moving the volumes horizontal there appear corridors and openings for light. The square around the pavilion gets a new pavement of white gravel, it extends from the water to the passage under the railway. The crossing street disappears. The white gesture of the gravel will continue over the white stairs to the white exhibition space below the ground level. Hereby the various public parts will be connected. With this intervention the Hendrik Jonker Street again will be a vibrant meeting place for the neighborhood and other visitors. 2012, AMSTERDAM